Is it possible to get a confirm/alert-dialogue if you are publishing someone else's changes as well?


If someone else has done content changes to a record, the record gets marked as orange / Updated in the right side of the page.

And then you do changes yourself.

The notification that someone else has done changes prior to you is very minimal, it is basically just the icon to the right:

Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 09.28.15

Right now, the Publish button is a one-click button, it Publish all changes. Even other people’s changes (which they might not want to be published right now).

In order to increase awareness of changes before publish;

Is it possible to get some kind of a warning/alert/dialogue stating that someone else has modified the record, and their changes will also be published, when pressing Publish?

(For example, some kind of a recap of what changes will be published and confirm Publish dialogue)

Hello @mdc and welcome to the community!

This is possible by developing a custom plugin for your use-case, using the Plugin SDK - Event hooks - DatoCMS Docs hook to intercept the publish action on the dashboard, and then, popping a modal with Plugin SDK - Opening modals - DatoCMS Docs to confirm the choice if your condition is met

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Okay, thanks, I will look into it!