Is it possible to externally add data to a model?

We’re thinking of using DatoCMS to build a job board website. On this website, a user would be able to fill out a form on the front end to post a new job listing. Then, that data would be posted to the Job_Listing model I’d create in DatoCMS and used to populate a list of open jobs on another page.

Is anything like that possible with DatoCMS? Or can data only go from DatoCMS to the website?

Thank you for the help.

Hey, cross posting this from support, just for everyone else.

You can post information to DatoCMS, but you need to provide a write-enabled API token to something. So either you have a write-enabled token only for a specific model and you share it with your frontend code or you use a serverless function (AWS Lambda, Netlify functions, etc) to hide the token and you submit from the frontend to your function and then to DatoCMS.

Thanks for the help!

Is there official documentation on how to achieve this?

Maybe you can start from this post: to have a look?

Let me know if you still hav any doubt!