Is it possible to build a private plugin?

Not all plugins are suitable to live on NPM and be part of the public plugin repository. Is it possible to build a private plugin? Any best practices or guides will be appreciated.


hello @mads!

Yes, it is possible! Have a look here:

It’s a bit hidden in the interface but it’s actually what we suggest to start developing them.

Let me know if you have more doubts about that!


Ah, that’s true… Thank you very much!

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@mat_jack1 I tried following this tutorial and it seems the entrypoint is offline: Can you verify this is working?

hello @seb thank you for reporting that and welcome to Community!

Yes, localtunnel is not available anymore :frowning: We are trying to find a good alternative and we’ll update the docs accordingly. Meanwhile you can try using something like ngrok?

OK yes, I’ll try ngrok. Would you be able to share a quick tutorial on how to set that up? No worries if not.

as soon as we’ll be able we’ll release a new docs page for that and notify you here, sorry I cannot tell exactly when :frowning:

Hi @mat_jack1, any tips for private plugin testing?

Hello @andreatoms welcome to Community and thank you for bringing this up again.

We are about to release a new version of our plugin generator which uses

You can start using it yourself now, but if you think that the generator can help, please hold on. I hope that we’ll be able to release later today!


Super! I’m very happy for that, thank you @mat_jack1

I’m waiting for the new version,

@andreatoms @seb @mads we have launched the new version of our plugin generator:

that by default uses ngrok.

Let us know if that works for you. Cheers

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