Is it ok to respond with 400> status to webhooks


I have lots of webhooks setup to manage syncing dato data events into my firebase firestore via cloud functions.
These functions will return error codes if there is a problem.

I don’t expect datocms to do anything with these responses, but it helps me when testing to have them.

My question is. Does/will datocms have any qualms receiving error codes? I.e. if it receives a lot of errors, will it stop sending or disable the webhooks in anyway?

The reason i ask, is another service disables calling the endpoint if it receives too many timeouts/errors etc.


Hello @emile.swain

We don’t do anything but log the response in the activity log:

So we won’t stop sending webhooks in case of too many 400s or send the wehook again in case of a non 200 response. We just log it there for the user to be able to keep track of the webhook responses.

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perfect thanks.