Inverse relationship

I have a problem with inverse relationship plugin. I have a post model with a link to topic. In the topic model, I want to display all linked posts. What am I doing wrong?

Plugin config

Hello @zuzanazaruk and welcome to Community! :slight_smile:

I think you are all set correctly and there’s an error in the plugin. We’ll have a look and get back to you!

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Hi @zuzanazaruk! I set the plugin up for you and everything seems ok. :slight_smile: Can you verify that? Be aware that if the “topic” record is not linked to any “article” record you won’t see any link in the inverse relationships list, just the title of the plugin “Inverse relationships”

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I add topics to my articles but when i make query i get null in link field. I’m doing something wrong?

Hi @zuzanazaruk! Plugins are tools intended to provide a different interface for your DatoCMS backend, they do not modify the underlying logic. The issue your are pointing out is a different one and I think it has to do with this feature request Expose inverse relations in Dashboard and GraphQL API