INVALID_ENDPOINT /environments/my-clone-name
I don’t umderstand,
in my app this endpoint works. IN postman it doesn’t. but it was last night.

Now i get the following error.

But if i add the X-Environment header it works. EDIT - odd, i checked again and now the X-Environment header only works with the endpoint.

Sigh. this is frustrating.

Did something literally change last night? because this is causing me no end of problems.

"data": [


        "id": "cf3acb",

        "type": "api_error",

        "attributes": {

            "code": "INVALID_ENDPOINT",

            "details": {}





Hello @emile.swain

There was an update as announced here: New headers to specify environment and preview mode

The endpoint should still be working, as they have been kept as a legacy endpoint not to break existing calls.
So both ways you mentioned of doing the request should work, if any of them don’t work, send us over the request + endpoint being made at so we can take a closer look at it

Ah, good to know. thanks. I’ll see if i can replicate the error and share it. But i will move over to the headers.

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