Internal link list not displaying all pages

Hi, we have a field under a link block called “Internal Page”. This field is supposed to give us a list of pages related to the word entered. I noticed that it’s not showing older pages that I’ve created. Is this a limitation?

Homepage was the first page created but when I search for “home” or by the record ID, nothing comes back in search results. It does work if I go with the “From library” option. Searching for home worked until the last few pages I’ve created.

Hello @niikki.peters

That list only shows the records you have chosen before on that field, not all of the records allowed to go on that field.
To get the full list, you need to go to the “From library” button.

@m.finamor I was able to choose home last week on the same field, it just started not allowing me to select it this week.

@niikki.peters that is expected, as that dropdown list has a limit of 30 items, so any item less recent than the first 30 items, will only show up in the “From Library” button