Intermittent failures on gatsby-source-datocms

Every two or three builds, I’m getting a build failure with the message below repeated for each one of the relevant images in my build. Since the issue isn’t consistent, I am having a hard time determining the cause. Is is possible to extract more detail from these errors and/or is there something obvious I’m missing in the query that’s causing the build failures to crop up? One thing to note, the error mentions aspectRatio, which I at first thought might be related to the “ar” imgix parameter. I’ve run into the error while both using and not using that param, though, so I don’t think it’s related. I’ve also tried using simply the fluid image and not the SVG, but both ways experience build failures.

8:33:50 PM:   GraphQL request:89:3
8:33:50 PM:   88 | fragment GatsbyDatoCmsFluid_tracedSVG on DatoCmsFluid {
8:33:50 PM:   89 |   tracedSVG
8:33:50 PM:      |   ^
8:33:50 PM:   90 |   aspectRatio,VipsJpeg: Empty input file

@jdozier-ezell can you please share more details on the versions of gatsby and our source plugin?

Hi @mat_jack1,

I thought I had figured this one out, but I’m seeing similar errrors again. Here’s the latest:

5:13:16 PM:   GraphQL request:23:3
5:13:16 PM:   22 | fragment GatsbyDatoCmsFluid_tracedSVG on DatoCmsFluid {
5:13:16 PM:   23 |   tracedSVG
5:13:16 PM:      |   ^
5:13:16 PM:   24 |   aspectRatio,vips_realpath: unable to form filename
5:13:16 PM:   unix error: No such file or directory
5:13:16 PM:   VipsJpeg: Premature end of JPEG file
5:13:16 PM:   VipsJpeg: out of order read at line 16

I’m using gatsby version “2.18.5” and gatsby-source-datocms version “2.1.18”.

Would it have anything to do with the number of images I’m trying to build? The entire site houses about 1,000 - 1,500, though this particular error occurred on a template that sources about 100.

that might be @jdozier-ezell.

From the error looks like it’s an internal Gatsby error while tracing the SVGs from your images, isn’t it? Not sure if it has to do with our APIs.