Intermittent base64 Image Error Build Failures β€” gatsby-source-datocms

Regularly getting the following build error:

4:13:52 PM: error There was an error in your GraphQL query:
4:13:52 PM: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT
4:13:52 PM: 142 |
4:13:52 PM: 143 | fragment GatsbyImageSharpFluid on ImageSharpFluid {
4:13:52 PM: 144 | base64
4:13:52 PM: 145 | aspectRatio
4:13:52 PM: 146 | src
4:13:52 PM: 147 | srcSet
4:13:52 PM: 148 | sizes
4:13:52 PM: 149 | }
4:13:52 PM: 150 |
4:13:52 PM: 151 | fragment GatsbyDatoCmsFluid on DatoCmsFluid {
4:13:52 PM: > 152 | base64
4:13:52 PM: | ^
4:13:52 PM: 153 | aspectRatio
4:13:52 PM: 154 | src
4:13:52 PM: 155 | srcSet
4:13:52 PM: 156 | sizes
4:13:52 PM: 157 | }
4:13:52 PM: 158 |
4:13:52 PM: 159 | query workoutById($id: String!) {
4:13:52 PM: 160 | workout: datoCmsWorkout(id: {eq: $id}) {
4:13:52 PM: 161 | …Workout
4:13:52 PM: 162 | }
4:13:52 PM: File path: /opt/build/repo/src/templates/workoutDetail.js
4:13:52 PM: Url path: /workouts/resist-ded/92
4:13:52 PM: Plugin: none
4:13:52 PM: not finished run page queries - 57.921s
4:13:52 PM: not finished Generating image thumbnails - 47.645s
4:13:52 PM: error Command failed with exit code 1.
4:13:52 PM: info Visit for documentation about this command.

Using gatsby version β€œ^2.24.8” and gatsby-source-datocms version β€œ2.5.x”

Any ideas on what would be causing it?

hello @keziahrg welcome to Community!

I’m sorry for your problem, but to help you troubleshoot, would you be able to share the repository of your project with me? Maybe send a private message or write at


I’ll write support, thanks!

Hey @mat_jack1 I’m also having the same issue could you maybe share some info about the issue or help me with this, I did clear the cache but it still occurs, thank you

Hello @rinor, which version of our source plugin are you using? We should have improved that with the latest version, can you please double check and let me know?


Thanks @mat_jack1. Well I’m using the 2.5.3 version.

Hello @rinor please try upgrading to our latest version as it should solve your issue, OK?

Yes, upgrading to the latest version seems to solve the problem, but it now throws few warning Query takes too long: warnings and the dev/build processes get frozen

what do you mean that they get frozen? The process never finishes? The warning should just be a warning, not an error?

@mat_jack1 yes it’s a warning but the process gets frozen and never finishes.

hey @rinor not sure if you got the news from elsewhere, but this should have been fixed in the last version of the source plugin, can you please try again?

Yes @mat_jack1 that solved it, I upgraded to the v2.5.18 and that fixed the issue, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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