Integration with Vercel fails

When I go to My Project>Settings>Deployments>Plus icon>Vercel and select the integration, it gets stuck loading and shows the next message:

Fallo al ejecutar ‘postMessage’ en ‘DOMWindow’: el origen del destino proporcionando (’{link}’) no coincide con el origen de la ventana del destinatario (’{link}’).

My OS is in Spanish, the translation would be something like:

Failed when executing ‘postMessage’ in ‘DOMWindow’: the given origin of the destination (‘’) does not match the origin of the destination window (‘https://[my-domain-]’).

In the first message, I am not posting the links because this is my first post and the page does not allow me to put more than two links, and in the second one you can replace [my-domain-] with my private domain.

sorry for the delay here, but the problem should be solved now, let me know if you still have any problems though