Integration between gatsby-source-datocms and renderMetaTags from react-datocms


We are working with Gatsby and DatoCMS. We are trying to get the benefits from renderMetaTags function and the new Gatsby Head API. The issue is that renderMetaTags expects TitleMetaLinkTag or SeoOrFaviconTag. For example from DatoCMS API Explorer:

{"_seoMetaTags": [
          "attributes": null,
          "content": "Gatsby DatoCMS Homepage Starter",
          "tag": "title"

While gatsby-source-datocms change the shape of the Gatsby nodes to:

"seoMetaTags": {
        "tags": [
            "tagName": "title",
            "content": "Gatsby DatoCMS Homepage Starter"

Is there out of the box integration to this? Or do we need to transform the result from gatsby-source-datocms to meet renderMetaTags needs, or even create a custom renderMetaTags?