Installing middleman-dato gem problems


I’ve been following this tutorial made by DatoCMS:

Everything works fine until I’m installing middleman-dato gem to the Middleman project. I’ve added it to my Gemfile and run bundle install. The installations it self works great. It installs middleman-dato 0.8.0. But, when I run the project again with bundle exec middleman server, it fails on dato/watch/site_change_watcher file doesn’t exist, which the middleman_extension.rb (a file in the middleman-dato gem) requires.

Recording to the tutorial I need Ruby and RubyGems to make this work, which I have. Maybe there’s something else I need to make this work?

Do anyone has any idea how to proceed with this?

Here’s the whole error message:

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hello @ericaglimsholt! Welcome :slight_smile:

Would you be able to share your git repo? I think it’s the easiest way for me to have a look!