Importing data from an external source using dotnet application

I have been reading the documentation regarding importing data which is wholly based around using node.js.

As a dotnet developer who has never used Node.js before I would very much prefer to work within the bounds of what I know. I would also be able to meet my deadline!

My intention originally was to provide a button in our current home brew CMS which content editors could use on an individual item to “Export” to the new CMS, in the background the data will be transformed into a model that matches that expected by the Dato CMS.

All I would then need would be an endpoint to post the object.

However the documentation doesn’t seem to provide me with the information I need to approach it this way so I am wondering if there’s any advice from others who may have been in the same situation?

Hello @andrew.ravenwood.

Using the NodeJS client is just an option, if you want to make raw HTTP calls with a dotnet client you can surely do it. We have just developed a thin wrapper around the plain HTTP calls to make some interactions easier, like the file upload for example.

Maybe it’s not very visible, but you can check the HTTP calls that you need to do to interact with our REST API from here:

top right of the screenshot you can change language or do raw HTTP calls.

The example is taken from here: Record - Content Management API

If you have specific questions on how to achieve something please let me know.

HI mat_jack1,
Thanks for your response, I had completely managed to miss the tabs at the top of the page, thank you for pointing them out.

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