Implement search into react native app

Dear Support,
we have a project where we use dato cms for show articles in a react native application.
Dato cms is already implemented into the application and it nicely serves the articles through gql queries.

I need to implement now a search feature into the project. It should work like:

  • the user search for a word in an input field
  • the app will give back the articles where find the word in the content or in the topic (different fields)

I look through your documentation and find these articles:

I feel these solutions are more like for web and I could not apply to react native (maybe I am wrong).

Can I write a resolver somehow to the query? Or what would be the good way?
Can you help or give some information how can I achieve my goal?


Hello @geza.jenes

Unfortunately SiteSearch can only work with webpages, so indexing a React native App with it would not be possible :frowning:

So for your use-case different search solutions such as algolia should be the way to go perhaps

Any updates on this @m.finamor ? We also need the same feature!

Sorry @irene, the situation is still the same as before, itโ€™s not a feature we natively support :frowning: It could be a Feature Request, but as far as I know, we donโ€™t do much react-native development ourselves. Our HTML spider wonโ€™t work for you.

You can use a third party search, or build your own using our GraphQL filters, but you would still have to route specific results to your different screens/components manually.