ImgIX questions and EPS support

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My company wants to start exploring datocms for a client assignment. Our client wants a simple CMS with simplistic image conversion. From the datocms features I noticed that you use ImgIx at DatoCMS. I have four questions:

  1. To which parts does ImgIx relate to the DatoCMS features (do you get converted image file through the DatoCMS API for example?)
  2. Can we use ImgIx to display images in a specific size to customers of our client (through DatoCMS)?
  3. Our client wants to support EPS files for his customers. The client wants to upload these images in the media library and store both the original file as a converted JPEG file in a model, Is there a way to integrate a webhook in DatoCMS when a EPS file is uploaded (that we program) that returns a JPEG file? Any suggestions how we can achieve this?
  4. Are there any costs with the usage of ImgIx that is not included in the monthly fee to DatoCMS?

I hope I have provided some useful information. Otherwise please let me know.

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Just copying here for everyone the answer you got over support.

When you upload an image to DatoCMS it gets stored in an S3 bucket and you can access it from an URL like “”, which is powered by Imgix.

That means that you can perform any kind of manipulation to the uploaded assets just by adding some specific parameters to it (ie. to resize it, just add ?w=200 at the end of the URL), and transformed images are automatically cached and served from the CDN, so you get super-fast access.

You can see all the available transformations in Imgix docs:

So yes, you can definitely display images in a specific size to customers of our client, and no, there is no additional costs for that, our price includes Imgix usage.

Regarding the EPS files, Imgix does not support automatic transformations for this format, so you can create a webhook that notifies you when a new image gets uploaded (, so that you can transform the EPS yourself and then use our API client to upload the JPG version back into your project.

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