Imgix parameters supported by gatsby-source-datocms

I’m running into a few instances where I’m not able to use some of the options in the imgix api with gatsby-source-datocms. For instance, ar and blend-mode both return errors. Use of ar results in

GraphQL Error Field "ar" is not defined by type DatoCmsImgixParams. Did you mean nr, or, or mark?

Is there a list of supported parameters?

@jdozier-ezell which version of our source plugin are you using?

Our latest version should support that parameter, we are using the latest version of Imgix APIs at the moment.

Can you please confirm?

Thanks @mat_jack1. Upgrading did help. The one thing that threw me for a loop though is that the implementation of ar is slightly different than what is described in the imgix docs. They format ar as w:h whereas the source plugin requires a float with the value of w/h. It’s working well now, but I thought I’d mention that difference in case anyone else runs into a similar problem.

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