Image Url not available in API response

When using an image gallery I can get a list of images back from the GraphQL service no problem. Image name ect. But why is there no URL? it seems a bit crazy if I have to download the upload time and then convert to a timestamp to form a url for my images!

So url is available but is not listed in the autocomplete choices

Hi @craig.chamberlain11 :slight_smile: I don’t know which graphql client you are using, but you can play with our graphql endpoint directly in your admin interface. In the “API Explorer” tab you will find an “Explorer” sidebar where all models and fields are availabled to be queried. You’ll find the url attribute for gallery fields too

Thanks @faber I would have closed this by now if I could. I was using the dato explorer but I didn’t have the explorer tab open. When I ctrl+space to auto complete, it just shows say first 10 available fields. Now I’ve seen the exporer tab it’s all much easier.

Yes, that’s a CSS issue, we’ll fix that, thanks for reporting!