I need 'A record'

Hey everyone,

We recently moved our site to DatoCMS. The site was developed by an external developer, we moved the site from our old host and it was working until the previous host cancelled the VPS we had with them. Our site at DatoCMS has stopped working because apparently we need something called a ‘A Record’? Our developer is away at the moment and of course our site is down.
The host said An A record maps a domain to the physical IP address of the server hosting that domain is this something i can get directly from DatoCMS (i’ve sent them contact form) or do i need the developer involvement?

Thanks in advance!!


Hello @vivalazoom and welcome to the community!

I replied to you over email, but I’ll reply here as well in case anyone has the same question:

You will be able to find that record in your domain provider, since we are a headless CMS we don’t host the website itself, neither do we provide its domain, we only provide an API with all of the content to be then fetched in the website.

Taking a look at your hosting platforms (old and new) and specially to the domain provider where you bought the domain from can lead you to the Domain record you are looking for.