How to widen DatoCMS content box

Is there any way to widen these boxes? We have long, cumbersome titles, but they are very helpful for organization and currently, the only way to read them here is by hovering and waiting for the full name to pop up. It’s just a bit slow and with such a high volume of objects, it’s really important for me to be able to see all Card numbers (which come at the end typically) here without hovering

Hello @henok.tesfaye!

You can pick a different style for link fields in the presentation tab of the edit field modal:

If you pick the expanded view you should be able to better see the fields? Not sure if that helps in your case, but you can try that.

Otherwise maybe you want to add another text field and use it as the title field? The title field is the one that we use in the CMS as the label for the record.

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Thank you @mat_jack1 I created a sample models and checked it, Expanded view displays hidden contents.
I’ll check if it is working for the product team and get back to you soon.

Thank you @mat_jack1 they liked it.