How to use emojis in content

Can I add emojis to the “Multi-paragraph text” field?

hi @tomvars , at the moment the markdown editor does not provide a button for emoji, but, since emojis are treated like any other chars, you can copy an emoji from somewhere else and paste it in the editor.

If you are on a Mac OS, you can press ++Space when your cursor is inside the editor to open the emoji panel.

If you are on Windows 10+: ⊞ Win+. or ; opens the emoji panel

If you haven’t already looked at, I suggest you to try out our structured text field ( Structured Text - Features ). It has a native emoji panel (just press : inside the editor) and many other features to create content!

That’s great! Thanks Faber!
Does there happen to be a way to convert “Multi-paragraph text” into " structured text field” without having to create a new field and then copy everything manually and delete the old one?

Yes there is a guide to migrate your multiparagraph text fields to structured text: Migrating content to Structured Text - DatoCMS

It depends on how many records you have. If they are a bunch, then maybe it’s easier to copy everything manually :slight_smile:

Anyway, play with the structured text first to understand if it suits your needs!