How to set table column widths

I don’t seem to be able to set the column/cell width in multi-paragraph text fields using the HTML editor. In the past I was able to do this by setting the width property on each cell in the first row of the table. Now, when I set the width property on a cell, it is cleared when I reopen the cell properties dialogue window. This does not seem to happen with cell properties other than width.

Hi @hayden.osborne

We are aware of that, but we had to strip away widths and heights from HTML editor. :pensive:

Even if it is one of the best WYSIWYG editors around, Tiny MCE is still not capable to handle all the different use cases, simply because they are very hard to predict and manage! It is a battle that we can’t win.

That is why we created our own WYSIWYG Editor, the Structured Text, that is built around DatoCMS users needs; and that is why we finally decided to stop taking into account support requests regarding the HTML editor unless they concern security updates.

If you don’t feel like using our Structured Text, you can still build your own DatoCMS plugin containing the version/configuration of TinyMCE that most suits your needs.

I hope you understand our view about this topic!


@Souljuse Are you implying that the Structured Text editor has and table option/block?

Because I can’t find a way to insert a table.

no @K-user but you can create your custom block in the structured text

Ah right, got it, thx for your response

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@mat_jack1 my question goes to HTML editor. When I insert table into the editor, this table is served with some default styling and height attribute like:

<table border=\"1\" height=\"26\" style=\"border-collapse: collapse;\">

Is it possible to serve just raw table without any style, width and height attributes?

Hey @primoz.rome that’s the default that we got from TinyMCE. Unfortunately we cannot do customizations for all the things, so we have prepared this template plugin: TinyMCE Rich Text - Plugins - DatoCMS that you can fork and use for your customizations, OK?

If you have any questions let me know!

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Thank you @mat_jack1

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