How to secure image URLs?


Is there a way to have a secure URL for the assets?

Context: We don’t want to expose assets thought URLs. We want to keep our assets private until they are published.

I see that DatoCMS is using ImgIx for the assets management based on this documentation

Also, ImgIx has a documentation regarding how to secure the assets URLs

Securing Assets | imgix Documentation

I’m wondering how it’s possible thought DatoCMS to have secure URLs?

If we’re using the API explorer, we can return the image src.

Right now, even if I’m using the sandbox environment, it’s possible for anyone to access my image URL.



we do not support that IMGIX funcionality at the moment, I’m sorry.

Anyway, it only prevents others from changing IMGIX parameters defined in the URL, it won’t block access to the source asset.

Okay thanks

Is there a plan for this feature or not yet?

No plan, I’m sorry.

Assets you upload to DatoCMS are publicly available, so even if we introduce the IMGIX signing mechanism, your upload will still be public