How to render custom nodes with `renderNode()`

I’m currently tweaking with the structured content from Dato.
Is there somewhere I can find documentation about the renderNode() function?

Here is my use case:

I’m using Astro as SSG, and it allows creating (HTML) components. I have a custom image component, and I would like to use to render images in structured text fields.
Currently, I’m doing something like:

return renderNode(
    renderNode("img", { src: record.image.url, alt: record.image.alt })

But I’m wondering if there is a way to do something like

return renderNode(
    renderNode("Image", { src: record.image.url, alt: record.image.alt })

with Image being my custom image component.


Hello @justin and welcome to the community!

You can use the renderNode function to render a custom component as such:

renderNode(Image, { src: record.image.url, alt: record.image.alt })

With “Image” being the imported custom JSX component.

Or, you can just return the JSX component itself directly if you prefer:

return <Image src={record.image.url} alt={record.image.alt} />

Thanks for your answer @m.finamor.

I’ve tried the first one renderNode(Image, { src: record.image.url, alt: record.image.alt }), but it generates an error Invalid value used as weak map key that seems to come from /node_modules/vhtml/dist/vhtml.js.

I’ll continue debugging where this comes from, but would love any help in the meantime if you have an idea :slight_smile:.


@justin could you invite me to the repository so i can take a closer look at the error? I’m @marcelofinamorvieira on github.

Thank you, @m.finamor. I just sent you an invitation.

That concerned file is in the try./rendernode branch in ./src/assets/scripts/utils.js on L14.

Thank you for inviting me @justin

It seems like you forgot to import the Image component at the begining of the file:

import Image from "path/to/astro/component"

Just did that, thanks. I’ve forgotten to add when creating the new branch.

This throws a new error TypeError: $$result.createAstro is not a function that seems to be coming from Astro.

I’ll dig more on this side.