How to filter records in structured content fields


How can I make a filter to find only the β€œIT” iso code records?

query MyQuery {
  allFlights {
    content {
      blocks {
        ... on RouteRecord {
          departureAirport {
            country {

Hello @jevgenijs.metelovs

This is currently not possible in a single query, and it is an ongoing feature request as you can see here: Deep filtering on both CMA and CDA

Currently, you can only do it with multiple queries, not in a single query

@m.finamor thank you!

I think it’s okay to make it with multiple queries, could you please give some advice on how to do that.

About my case:

I have a model in that model I have a structured text field that contains block library elements with the fields and I want to create a list with all entries that contain some value of block library element.

@jevgenijs.metelovs there are a couple of ways of using multiple queries to deal with nested values inside of graphQL, i discussed some of them in this thread: Multiple graphQL queries?

Hope it helps!