How to drag record to different page with drag & drop and tree sorting

Describe the issue:

If a model is set to use drag & drop or the tree for sorting how can you change the page of a record?

For example (screenshot below), we have created a new record called “Danze” which appears last but we’d like it to be near the top so we need to drag it to page 1

Hello @ellie

You can change that by opening the record, and changing the “Position in collection” inside the record itself

Since each page houses 20 records, 1-20 will be page one, 21-40 page two and so on

Just a note: You can also consider changing your model display to “Tabular view” instead of “Compact view”. When you edit its schema, under the Settings tab:

That way, the records will show up in a table, and you can view up to 200 of them at once for easier organization:

That’s great - thank you both!

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