How to batch publish multiple link field records

Hello! We are wondering if there is a way to batch-publish a multiple link field records? Currently, if we have several “updated” cards in a question set that are not published, we have to go into each individual card and “publish” them before we can save the set.
This is particularly tedious if we do something that updates all the cards in a set. I’ve attached a video in thread demonstrating.

In the model settings, if you edit that link field and go to its validations tab, you should be able to set the referenced entries to publish as well:


Awesome. Thank you!

Hi @roger one last snag, even though I’ve enabled Publish also the referenced records, multiple link field(cards), updated Question records are not published when parent record is successfully published. As you can see Card 1 and Card 30 are still in updated state when the parent record is published. Thanks!

Good catch, @henok.tesfaye. That does seem to be less than ideal.

Just so you know, I don’t work for DatoCMS (I’m just another customer, like you). You may wish to reach out to their tech support if this is important/urgent, otherwise make a feature request here in the forum, in a separate post?

(edit: they may eventually see this thread too, but it might take a while, especially if they think it was solved previously)


hi @henok.tesfaye

Question records are not published when parent record is successfully published

That’s because questions are already published. “Updated” state (with the little yellow circle) means that a record is published, but it’s not the latest version though.

Our validations does not cover this case, but only the case of questions that have not any published version at all. This is because the validation is meant to preserve consistency between published records, not necessarily on the last version.

You could implement a webhook that is triggered when a book is published. When this happens, you could use our javascript client to automatically publish the latest version of every question contained in the book.

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I’ve implemented the batch publish using plugin and the CMA. Thanks!



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