How does "Only publish specific content" work?

Hey all

I am having problems finding this in any documentation.

But how does “Only publish specific content” work?

When I open it up, I can only select “Non-localized content”.

Are you suppose to be able to select various fields here?
Can you mark specific fields, that can be scheduled published?

Or how does this system work? Any link to documentation would be helpful! :slight_smile:

Hello @mdc

You can check out how per-locale publication works right here: Introducing Per-Locale Publishing: reach new audiences faster with DatoCMS

Oh ok.

I got the impression, that we could mark different fields and schedule publications per field, but I assume that’s not the case?

The system is only local wise, if I am interpreting this right?

Exactly, you can’t publish only specific fields, but you can publish only specific locales