How do you sign up for the DatoCMS Newsletter?

I receive your lovely monthly DatoCMS newsletter in my email, however, I can’t figure out where to direct other developers on my team to signup for this newsletter. Neither the Community profile nor the DatoCMS profile offer a newsletter subscription option and when I follow the link to “update your profile” at the bottom of the Newsletter, it takes me to a page that appears to generate an email with a temporary link personalized for my account to update my preferences.

To summarize, where can you subscribe to the monhtly DatoCMS Newsletter?

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yes, we should add a page on the site where we can allow that! :slight_smile:

We’ll do and get back to you! Thanks for that!

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Hey @christian, we’ve added a form in the site’s footer to sign up for the newsletter! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the feedback!