How can we keep metadata while serving images

For our use case, we need to keep embedded metadata(IPTC) of an image while delivering images. On cloudinary, it can be done in this way: Transformation URL API Reference | Cloudinary

In case of dato, we see that there is no open API option: Rendering API | imgix Documentation

what to do now?

@rislam I’m in touch with Imgix to understand what to do, I think we’ll have a solution for that. Bear with me.

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Hey @rislam you can now add iptc=allow to retain the IPTC metadata. For now it’s only available for JPG, but support for other formats is coming.


Hi @mat_jack1

Can this option be included in the GraphQL responsiveImage imgixParams please?


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Yes @jaysmith ! We’ll do it and let you know, good idea :slight_smile:

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Just added @jaysmith! :partying_face:

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Thank you @s.verna !