How can I enable Imgix to serve rasterised SVG?

Hi there,
I have in Dato SVG files that I want to either be served as SVG or rasterised PNG. It seems to be doable via a specific config in Imgix. After a quick chat with their support, it seems enabling “SVG rendering” for my account would serve my purpose:

  • serve original SVG if non parameter or default passed to the query
  • serve rendered image if parameters are passed

Can you confirm that’s doable ?


Indeed that would require some action on our end to enable support for this imgix feature through the media area.
We do have an ongoing feature request for this here: Provide svg content
Give it an upvote and a comment if you think it would be a nice addition, this way we can track interest on feature requests a bit better :slight_smile:

it’s a bit different as I can already fetch my SVG properly from Dato (as xml files). But I’d like to get them rendered as png… It seems to be a config to enable on Imgix side; but do we all have an account there or is it just Dato having a global account ?

Indeed the feature you’re referring to is what todd.brannam commented on that thread, about the rasterisation of the svgs
It is something to be enabled on imgix side as you said, but since each dato account does not have its own individual imgix instance, its something we need to implement on our integration as a whole.
So you can’t just ask for imgix to add this to your own account, as your media area is linked to dato’s imgix account.

That’s what I assumed re Dato/Imgix.
I read Todd’s comment and agree it’s what Im aiming for; but the OP was a slightly different topic!
So I will assume that’s not on your close roadmap unfortunately.