Help with publishing referenced records

Help with publishing referenced records. Currently, there are only 2 options that is either fail or publish. But is it possible to have a 3rd state where I can publish the main record but leaving the referenced records untouched (draft or updated state)? Does the new workflow model allow me to achieve this? I have a requirement when categories (containing linked products) needs publishing but do not want to publish the children linked products please.

Hey @naren.bellala we don’t allow to publish a record with links to unpublished records. But you can publish as long as there is an existing published version that is referenced by the links.

So the updated state could work if you had previously published a record. Does that make sense?

We have recently released new settings for the links to help manage these situations:

Maybe they help you in your case?

Hi @mat_jack1 no, this did not help my case. As I am already using the new settings. According to the new setting “When publishing is requested and this field references some unpublished records:” ← this only offers 2 options: either to Fail or Publish. What I am looking for is 3rd setting that is to do nothing, no publishing and no failing.

In my case, I need a published category model to contain linked draft products. Thank you.

@naren.bellala while I see your point here, I don’t think we’ll change that as it poses some consistency issues on our APIs.

Say for example that you have a published record with links to draft records. If we return the object on the CMA then you’ll get an ID to an object that you cannot fetch as it’s draft only, that doesn’t seem a good behaviour to us. On the CDA we could filter out those IDs, but then we’ll have two representations for the same object, that again could cause inconsistencies when fetching the same thing from different APIs.

What do you think?