Help text disappears on invalid field

I have a set of instructions on an image field (see first image below) that appears correctly when there are no validation parameters set or when the field correctly validates. However, as soon as the field becomes invalid, in this case due to missing alternate text, the help text disappears and is replaced by an error message (second image).

The biggest issue here is that I have content editors who are likely to be unfamiliar with how to set the alt text, and having the help disappear when they’re likely to need it most is preventing me from requiring validation.

Hello @jdozier-ezell thank you for the report, I agree with you that looks like a bug. We’ll have a look and be in touch as soon as possible

Thanks @mat_jack1

hello @jdozier-ezell we have fixed this. It wasn’t a bug but it was intended to be like this. Nonetheless we agreed that made more sense what you were asking for :slight_smile:

Be in touch if you need anything else, thanks!

Thanks @mat_jack1. This looks great. I appreciate the help.

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