Help Installing Automatic Environment Backups Plugin

Hi everyone,

I am trying to install the Automatic Environment Backups Plugin for one of our project to enable automatic daily backups with Netlify scheduled functions. I followed the instructions provided in the plugin’s page as well as the README provided on github, but on the last step, when entering the deployed URL of the instance, I received the following error:

If anyone has prior experience working with this plugin before, or has an alternate solution, please point me in the right direction. Much appreciated. I’ve also submitted a Github issue on the project’s repo as well for visibility.

Thank you all in advance,

  • Duy

Hey @dev4,

Did you ever put in your DatoCMS key in Netlify? If not, please try this:

  1. Get a DatoCMS full access key from your project settings

  2. Go to (or just navigate to it from the Netlify dashboard):

  3. Add a new variable called DATOCMS_FULLACCESS_TOKEN with your key as the value:

    1.Redeploy the site from Netlify:

  4. Retry the plugin installation (click “Cancel Installation” and then retry it from the plugins screen) with the same URL. Hopefully it’ll work this time?

Hey @roger! Appreciate the quick response, I’ll answer your messages in the DatoCMS forum here as well for future readers.

I did input the Full Access Token to my project in the plugin’s prompt. And double-checked afterward through Netlify’s configuration the environment variable seem to be set correctly. (image below):


I’ve cleared cache and redeployed as well, this time same error message but a toast appeared saying “The environment was deleted successfully”. I forgot to mention, the previous attempt did create a new Dato environment named backup-plugin-daily-2023-11-30. Seems like the function is being triggered, just Dato won’t allow me to complete the final step of the installation.

Ah, thanks for the clarification! OK, so not a token issue.

In my limited testing, I noticed that the plugin does try to create and delete a few environments as part of its install process (confusingly), but eventually it finishes. What happens if you re-run the installation with the network tab open and record the attempted API calls to Netlify? (hopefully it’ll tell you why the request(s) were failing)