Graphql-request will return null instead of linked object

I have a query that can be summarised as

article(filter: {id: {eq: "16859432"}}) {
      comment {

Dato CMS API explorer does return the title as expected; but when running via graphql-request, it returns comment:null
Iā€™m not very experimented with graphql-request but I surely am missing something hereā€¦


  • graphql-request 3.5.0
  • node v14.18.0
  • jest 26.6.3

Any idea on how to solve this would be really appreciatedā€¦

hey @jb are you sure that you are pointing to the same endpoint? Maybe in the explorer you are looking at draft content while in your code you are pointing to the published one?

Have a look at this: Content Delivery API - API Endpoints - DatoCMS Docs

only use the primary env, so yeah :frowning:

OK, if you can send me an example where I can replicate the issue at I can try to help. Without a code example I donā€™t know how to help :frowning: