Graphql after model set as tree-view

I am in this weird pickle and I thought of asking before having to go back in all the changes to start dissecting the issue.

Does fetching allDatoCMS change in any way after the View of the model is changed to Tree-Like view, setting parents/children.
I saw that models are populated with parent:{} children:[].
The question is i guess does alllDatoCms gives all models, or just certain selection?

~_~ I’ve changed the models to tree-like view and working in gatsby-node.js but can’t seem to find my way back to a development build, crashing like nuts.

Constantly battling this weird Variable “$id” of type “[String]” used in position expecting type “String”.
If I put String than it wants [String] if i put id: [String] than it wants String :slight_smile:

And at the end of the project not to mention!


Hello @veljko I’m sorry but I’m not sure I understand you fully here, would you be able to send over a screenshot of the messages you are getting to help us better understand what’s going on?

Dear Mat!
Sorry for the confusion.
It was definitely overburn and 72h of blindness :slight_smile:
This can all be forgotten and deleted or so :slight_smile:
Thanks for your good intentioned reply and sorry once again :bowing_man: