[Gatsby + Dato CMS] - Question regarding og tags

Hi everybody,

At first, know that it is the first time I ever use Gatsby & Dato CMS, so my question may sounds horribly stupid for regular users. Sorry in advance for the inconvenience.

I’m using the <HelmetDatoCms /> component provided by gatsby-source-datocms. I give it all the necessary seo data (thanks to the Dato’s graphql fragment, as mentionned in the doc). After a quick check, I can see all the auto generated meta tags in the <Head> section of my pages, as desired.

Everything works fine so far. :raised_hands:

However, when I deploy my project (with Vercel), the og tags do not seem to work , even if they are present in the <Head> section.

I certainly missed something… :sweat:

Many thanks in advance for any clarification!

Well, sorry for the double post but I’ve finally found out a solution. The problem wasn’t related to gatsby-source-datocms, at least not directly.

All the credit has to go to this article & authors

Feel free to delete this post if needed. Sorry again :sweat:

Have a nice day!~

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Hello @florianlvsr and welcome to the community!

Glad to know it’s working!
I’ll leave this thread up as it can help anyone else having the same problem.

Don’t hesitate to post in case you have any other doubts! :slight_smile: