Full-text Search - Indexing before launch

Hi Team,

Does anyone have any ideas how we could prepare and test DatoCMS’s search feature without making our site publicly accessible?

My team is currently implementing full-text search in one of our sites. The site must remain password protected until full-launch as the branding and content is sensitive.

My first instinct is to index one of our live sites, test as appropriate, then switching out the URL used by the crawler on launch.


hello @hayden.osborne welcome to Community!

yes, if you can crawl another site than do that! The site that gets crawled is the one defined in your deployment environment, so if you replace that URL you should be good to go.

Let me know if you have other doubts about that.

Is it possible to index a site without using a deployment environment? We are not building a static site and so are unable to trigger an index with a Build Trigger

@hayden.osborne unfortunately not, as we can only spider statically generated HTML pages :frowning: