[FIXED] [Bug (react-datocms)] StructuredText's incorrect typings on blocks/links


I found the ability to put GraphQL responses directly into <StructuredText /> component to be really useful and I love to use it.

However, while I was working on adding a new block to my post I noticed the weird type error happening. I added a new entry to blocks but the type error suggested that I have a mistake on links.
After some research I found out this code piece:

export declare type StructuredText<R extends Record = Record> = {
    /** A DatoCMS compatible document */
    value: Document;
    /** Blocks associated with the Structured Text */
    blocks?: R[];
    /** Links associated with the Structured Text */
    links?: R[];

This model of structured text is incorrect because not all block records are necessarily valid link records. For example, if I allowed articles to be linked but not say, tweets, it would cause problems because the properties of those two donโ€™t match up yet they have to be the same type.

Iโ€™ve been able to fix this for myself using patch-package, but it would be great to see this being fixed on upstream too.

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Hello @basix

We merged your pull request! https://github.com/datocms/structured-text/pull/21

Thank you so much for the contribution!

Aw man this is the beauty of the open-source. Iโ€™m glad that I can contribute back to my beloved tools <3