(Fixed) Bug: field/ ui validations not working as expected (can't uncheck checkboxes) (edited title)

Lately we’ve been having an issue when configuring the validations of fields. It seems like the checkbox behaviour has been changed a bit since we last worked with it. We’ve tested it with both Chrome and Safari and the behaviour is the same across both browsers. For now we’ve found two issues:

  1. I think one improvement could be to allow selecting the checkbox when you click on the label. E.g. before I think I could click on the label ‘required’ and the required checkbox would be selected/unselected. The current behaviour is that I can only select the checkbox to make a selection.
  2. Which brings us to main issue, once a checkbox is selected there is no way to deselect it anymore. Regardless of how many times I click it it stays selected. Also closing the field settings modal and opening it again, shows the checkbox still in the same selection-state, clicking on it again does allow for the ‘save changes’ button to become interactive, but visually the checkbox is still selected - making it quite confusing if there is actually a change happening or not.

These issues seem to be present regardless of the field type (we’ve seen it with images, text, blocks…)

Attached you can find a screen recordings of this behaviour


I also can’t uncheck any of the checkboxes in the Validations tab

Same here, can’t uncheck selected checkboxes. Looks like a bug.

Hi all, so sorry about this! We’ve confirmed this as a bug and are actively working on a fix right now. We’ll launch it ASAP and report back here. Sorry for the inconvenience!


@gwen, @ellie, @alessio: We’ve released a fix for this. Sorry about that, and thanks again for the report!