Filtering single link fields without using Record ID

We recently forked our environment so we can increase the block limitation for our client. In the process we were instructed to add a field to all our blocks and models that will contain an uuid as we can’t rely on the Dato’s Record ID anymore.

However, now we are having an issue when we want to filter our records based on a single link field as we can only filter them by the Record ID (Filtering records - DatoCMS ).

Is there a way we can go around this and filter them based on the uuid field we created?

Hello @dev4

You can filter the records normally by fields, however, if you are trying to filter it from a single link field you are going to run into a limitation, as you can’t currently filter linked records based on their fields ( Deep filtering on both CMA and CDA )

A way to go around it would be to create a temporary mapping of the Dato IDs to the UUIDs, and then when filtering for the UUIDs you can simply filter based on the correspondent Dato IDs.