Filtering from library for linked record field

For a record we have “Multiple links” field referencing to different item types.

When we are searching for a content from library with the content title “HVOR MYE LYS TRENGER DU PÅ SYKKELEN?”, we are seeing this:

Content is not present in the first page.

But when we are searching with two words “Lykteprodusentene skryter” from another short description field, we can see the content:

On global search we can also find the content easily with the title:

What’s wrong with title search for library?

hey @tarek I agree with you that it’s weird. We are going to check if we can improve the search and be in touch!

Hello @tarek , we have changed it to have the ranked search first. So now if you don’t order the records and you search, we return a ranked result set first, where the sorting is by similarity, which should fix your issue.

Let me know if you still have problems.