Filter Dato resources by url search param

Hi, I try filter DatoCMS resources like gallery images by url search param.
In my Dato resources I have two kind of pictures, Graphic & Drawing. Then when I go to gallery page, I wanna query one of them… I’ve used url search param. In my DatoCms I’ve used MultiSelect Plugin which use JSON field. I’ve created location field in each GalleryIMG model - like location select: Graphic & Drawing.
But the problem is in query filtr I can only get that JSON field exists.
Does anyone has idea how to handle up with that problem ??

hey @wfRud sorry am I right saying that you would like to filter by content in a JSON field? Is this the case?

If so, unfortunately you can only search if the field has been filled or not, you cannot filter by any content of that field, sorry

Yes, Exactly like that. U know, I have Select Location: Graphic, Drawing, then I want to get All images with location Graphic. But in query schema I can only check that location as JSON field is exists…

I was afraid of that, @mat_jack1 but thx for your answer :slight_smile:

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