Fields are appearing empty on the dashboard

Hi there !

On some of my pages on the dashboard, there are fields that are displaying like they are empty even if they are already containing something. Sometime they appear filled again after reloading the webpage a couple time.
It’s a bit tedious because if it’s happening on a mandatory field we can’t save the page because it’s telling us that this field is required. So we have to reload the page again and again until the field is correctly appearing filled.

It’s happening mainly on Single String and Link fields.
Is this a known bug ?



Hello @clement

This really shouldn’t be happening and sounds like a possible “Private Plugin” problem.
Can you email your project details to us at so we can take a closer look at what could be causing this?

Thank you!

Hello !

Thanks a lot, I’ll email you.
What do you mean by “Private Plugin problem” ?

@clement we can check it on your specific project after you email us, but i think a plugin, installed on the project could be causing this issue.

Thanks for the email answer, for those interested the workaround is to click again on the good locale at the top of the page and the fields will be correctly shown.

You can mark this as fixed.

Thank you !

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