Field cannot be destroyed as it's used as reference for the "Slug" slug field!

I can not remove a field from my model. I am getting “Field cannot be destroyed as it’s used as reference for the “Slug” slug field!” error.

I don’t reference this field anywhere, so I don’t quite get it…

UPDATE: if you need to check is this item type 1997211, field title

Hello @primoz.rome ,

If you go into that model, and you click “Edit field” under the “Slug” field and go under “Validations”
You can see that the slug field still references the title field:

Since the slug field has to always reference a field, you have to either change the referenced field from it, or delete the slug field to be able to delete that title field.

Ah I see, but how do I untick “Reference field”… It’s disabled, and I can change for another field.

@primoz.rome , you can’t untick the “Reference field” as it is required for a slug field.
You can change it to another single line string in the model if you have a different one from title, otherwise you will have to delete the slug field.

So I can’t have that blank for slug … We always manually enter the slug.

@primoz.rome i see, i will check with the possibility of adding the option for purely “manual slugs”
But since in that case then the slug field would be no different than a single-line string field, Maybe just doing a single line string field with a key of “slug” would be the way to go for your use case in the meantime