Fallbacks for images?

I’m experimenting with locale fallbacks - using the gatsby plugin. It appears that images don’t fallback like text fields?

Currently I’ve got the fallback chain as ‘fr-FR’ => [‘fr’, ‘en’] - and the field in question is setup to be localized - and for some of my records, there is only ‘en’ versions of the images - my expectation is that when querying for ‘fr-FR’ that it would eventually fallback to the en images.


Hello @todd.brannam sorry for the late reply, I missed your post :frowning:

I’ve just tried and it works here, can you please help me reproduce your problem?

If your project is not open source, can you share the access to your repo either here via direct message or at support@datocms.com ?

Thank you!

Hello @mat_jack1

It appears to work correctly for a single image field, but for gallery images is where it seems to not fall back. Could you test to see if that also works for you too?


thank you @todd.brannam I’ve added that to our dev backlog, we’ll be in touch as soon as we have news!

@todd.brannam v2.1.28 of gatsby-source-plugin should fix your issue, can you please double check?

Thank you for reporting this!

Upgraded and it now works perfectly. Thank you for the quick turn around!

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