Extract customisable fields

We’ve implemented Dato extensively across a portal for maximum customisation across multiple tenants. Each tenant has the ability to apply their own labels across a large number of journeys. Is there a way to extract everything that we have set up in Dato so that we have a document that can be shared with a client for review and update? And then conversely, is there a way to then upload their request without having to rekey every field individually?

Hi @swarren, and welcome to the Dato forums!

Generally speaking, you can export all your DatoCMS data (records, schema, etc.) using our Content Management API. A basic guide is here: Import and export content - Exporting data and backups - DatoCMS Docs

And the API docs are here:

If you can share with us more details about what exactly you want to export & later re-import, we can try to provide more specific guidance. You can post those details in this thread or email us at support@datocms.com if you want more privacy.

But speaking at a high-level generalization, you’d do something like:

  1. List a bunch of records of the model you want to share with your client (labels?): List all records — Record — Content Management API
  2. Depending on your client’s level of technical savvy, you may have to convert our JSON responses into something more user-friendly (like a spreadsheet). Then you can share that with them for reviews and updates.
  3. Then you can convert their updated data back into our JSON structure and update the records: Update a record — Record — Content Management API

If you can give us more specific examples of what your desired workflow would be like (i.e. which records you want to export, what should happen to them, how should the client update them, etc.) we can try to provide more specific guidance. But otherwise, hope the above links help!