Error on multiple Netlify build triggers for the same site

Hi there,

I’m using Netlify to deploy my sites and use branch deploys for previewing content / changes. Master branch goes to, develop branch goes to default Netlify behaviour if you use their DNS.

If I want to set up these two environments in DatoCMS, the second one always gives me an error (any particular order): I presume because I can only have one Netlify integration? The buildhook has been created in Netlify after getting the error.

The error is Couldn't create build trigger!
The console:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 422 ()
"t: Submit Validation Failed at Module.h ( at at at ( at o ("

hey @timvandevelde1 can you please share a screen recording so that we can reproduce? I’ve just tried and worked fine for me, sorry :frowning:

Hi @mat_jack1, thanks for trying. Here’s a screenrecording:

looks like you haven’t specified a branch in the first build trigger? Can you please try to specify the name of the branch in the first one and let me know if that works?

We should still provide a better error message in case, but I’m just trying to understand if that is the problem. Thank you!

I tried with and without, the result was the same. Also after cleaning out all triggers and recreating them in a different order.

OK, we’ll give another look and let you know, sorry for this

Hey @timvandevelde1 I’m very sorry to get back to you only now, but the bug have been fixed a couple weeks ago, if you are still interested can you please double check? Thank you!

Hi @mat_jack1 thanks for getting back to me. Just tried and it is working now!

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