Error: Found vendored libvips

I try to rebuild the project and regularly get an error related to it. Did what is described in the recommendations, did not help.

error Error in "/opt/build/repo/node_modules/gatsby-plugin-manifest/gatsby-node.js":
**Error: Found vendored libvips v8.8.1 but require v8.7.4. Please remove the "no  de_modules/sharp/vendor" directory and run "npm install".**

@artur.mikheyankou welcome to Community!

Are you sure the problem is linked with our source plugin? I cannot find anything citing our plugin in your message?

Can you please provide some more context?

This screenshot from:

DatoCMS Admin Panel > Deployment Logs

I still have no opportunity to look at the logs with Netlify, as the site is being built there. But I want to ask you where the potential mistake is.

seems like the problem is in gatsby-plugin-manifest ? Not sure to be honest