Error Creating Field Using Appearance Addon

I’m having a bit of trouble creating a field on a model which is using the conditional fields plugin using the javascript SDK.

I’m posting the following JSON:

{“label”:“Hide”,“fieldType”:“boolean”,“defaultValue”:false,“localized”:false,“apiKey”:“hide”,“hint”:“Show options about hiding the field”,“validators”:{},“appeareance”:{“editor”:“boolean”,“parameters”:{},“addons”:[{“id”:“5946”,“parameters”:{“slaveFields”:“hide_from,hide_until”}}]},“position”:11}

But I receive the following error, this seems odd as I can create every other field / model via the API successfully.

message:“422 INVALID_FIELD (details: {“field”:“appeareance.addons.0.parameters.slave_fields”,“code”:“VALIDATION_INVALID”,“message”:“invalid attribute”})”

The listed slave fields exist, however even if the slave fields aren’t provided or are provided as empty it still fails with the same error.

Hello @james.dalton can you please share your project’s URL (via direct message or at so that I can try replicating your issue?

The plugin shouldn’t matter actually as it cannot provide any server-side validation. So I guess it should be something linked to the call itself.