Duplicate a new record with unique slug skips the publishing validation

When the editor duplicates a record with a unique slug field, the new record maintains the same slug and the editor is able to publish the new record without errors (Even though the slug field is marked as error )

It should not allow a record to be published with an invalid field (slug) or, failing when the editor duplicates the record also updates the new record with a slug variation, as: /{original-slug}-autoincrement

Make sense?

Hello @mordonez.sanchez

We’re aware of this behaviour and its potential problematic implications, however, we’ve reached the conclusion that warning the user that the validation is being violated, but still going through with the duplicate, maintaining the original title is the best behaviour to avoid an unintuitive “duplicate” action behaviour.

Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you, @m.finamor for the quick response.

Well, I hope the team consider adding the auto increment feature on slug fields when the user duplicates the record.

Thank you a lot.